You ever get the feeling as you age, that you’re entering into this period of unlearning all the false beliefs you had about yourself growing up? I’m starting to feel this great unlearning of all of the things I used to falsely believe about myself and life in general when I was younger.


Do you remember that scary movie The Number 23 with Jim Carey? It was about a guy who saw the number 23 everywhere, and thought that it had some kind of terrifying symbolism. Well, now there are 23 days until I turn 30, and I’m starting to see the symbolism of horror movies in my life over the past decade.


Below is a guest post by Melissa Field, on building a toolbox for your anxiety. I love this idea, because anxiety affects so many people, and it’s wonderful to have a go-to toolbox full of tools for when you feel anxiety coming on! 

I recently began digging into why I have a deeply rooted fear of success. After a lot of journal writing, I discovered it came down to one thing: I equated success with being overwhelmed.

What's All This Talk About God?

Hey Monique, what’s all this talk about God?

I feel like I come off as a little cooky-wacky sometimes in my blog posts. I know a lot of my friends who I don’t talk to that often read my blog posts, and I can only imagine their faces when they read all of my  talk on God, the angels, and loving affirmations.


It has been crazy weird, and crazy tough.

Moving my stuff out of my apartment last Monday night, I was hit with a panic attack that was as slow moving as a mudslide and just as destructive. It lasted the entire night, and slowly started to subside the following afternoon.