Even after all this time, the sun doesn’t ask anything of the earth.

What’s been calming me down lately is pretending I am a cloud, and then sometimes, a planet. Both are mere observers, and the Tao Te Ching tells us we are witnesses to life happening before us. This keeps me from interacting with it so much, from throwing myself into every situation and trying to control it. It’s much more relaxing to let people and things be who and what they were meant to be.


Have you ever used your hobbies and side projects to make yourself feel better?

When I was little, my sister’s friend was really mean to me when we were at acting camp. I think she said something to the effect of “you have no friends”, which was true at the time because we were at camp and I hadn’t really made friends, but it still hurt.


I had a small bout with self-harm as an 18-year-old. In addition to an eating disorder and various other forms of depression.

The teenage years can be tough for some girls.


There are certain celebrities we love to hate.

Up until about a year ago, I really couldn’t stand Taylor Swift. Why? No idea. It was almost like it was just easier to not like her, because she was popular and everyone loved her songs.


When you picture God behind sounds that disturb you, they become a lot sweeter.

Like the alarm clock for instance. I think I set that thing to snooze at least 3 times the other day, not wanting to move out of bed and simultaneously wanting to slam it with a sledgehammer. But then I pictured God behind the obnoxious beeping, and it turned into a gentle insistence that it was time to get up.


Someone shared an article the other day on how people in their twenties today seem to think this is their ‘downtime’.

30 is not the new 20, it read. In your twenties, you should be focusing on who you want to marry, what career you want, expanding your inner circles, and doing things outside your comfort zone. 


You ever get the feeling as you age, that you’re entering into this period of unlearning all the false beliefs you had about yourself growing up? I’m starting to feel this great unlearning of all of the things I used to falsely believe about myself and life in general when I was younger.


I like to think of my mid-twenties as the ‘dark ages’ of my life. It was definitely a mid-twenties slump. The light within me was clouded with a delusional need for love and acceptance, which left me tearful and alone.