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I had a weirdly shitty day today and that hasn’t happened for awhile so all I want to do is love away all of my troubled thoughts and have a nice, fun contest.


I’m not sure how many of you are bloggers, I’m assuming many of you are, but I’m thinking I want to feature a different voice here on A Novel Quest every so often. I love blogging of course, but I also love reading other people’s blog posts, and I’d like to feature some other great content here once in a great while.

What Does This Remind You Of 5

Photo credit: p-akman


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This week’s picture is dark and sad, but I’ve loved dark and sad since my emo years as a teenager, and I’ve never quite recovered.


This picture reminds me of tears in the dark, of feeling and of being alone, of plunging into the cold to feel something. Maybe it’s the hands over the woman’s face that makes it so depressing, as that gesture is usually reserved for oh no and I don’t believe it.



I’m really excited right now because I’m eating. Food is soooo freakin’ delicious I can’t even think about anything right now but this tangy wonderful caesar salad I just got from Starbucks. Adam always makes fun of me because I always classify all food that we eat as tasting sooooo good.


But it just is.


Photo Credit: Jaime Martinez


Below is part of a weekly series called What Does This Remind You Of? Learn how you can participate at the bottom of this post! 


This picture immediately reminds me of a book I read not too long ago called New Self, New World by Philip Shepherd. There’s a part where Shepherd talks about how when he was younger, he would repeatedly try and dip his full body nude into a river that was freezing cold. I forget what he was trying to accomplish, having read it so long ago, but since the book was about getting out of the head and more in tune with the self as a whole, I feel like his efforts to dip into the freezing cold were his way of doing just that.

28 Mar, 2014

All Shook Up


Not too much going on over here in the kingdom of Monique, wanna-be writer, entrepreneur, super hero, ballet dancer, actress, contortionist, etc.


Except for maybe a slight earthquake.


I was sitting here drafting up edits to the latest design proof of my website (side project), when the bookshelf beside me started ticking. And by ticking I mean slightly trembling. My kitchen was also ticking. I instantly knew it was an earthquake but had no idea what to do in that instant.


What Does This Remind You Of #4


Photo credit: Joel Schekman 


Below is part of a weekly series called What Does This Remind You Of? Learn how you can participate at the bottom of this post! 


Ordinary things in extraordinary places. My brain is automatically confused. Indoor door in an outdoor sea.


I hear the cool, rushing water. The closed door is an emblem of wonder. There’s no telling what’s on the other side in this moment. It’s blocking out a world that seeps and rushes around it. It doesn’t shut out a thing.


22 Mar, 2014



There’s too much information out there. I feel like I’m buried beneath it. There’s too many projects I want to do and things I want to work on. How are we supposed to swim through it all?


Sometimes there’s no solution for me but to lie down and forget about it. Or blog about it. Sometimes the weight of the things I want to do becomes so intense that it crushes me and I feel paralyzed by it. There’s giveaways, sponsorships, guest posts, SEO, videos, online learning, short story contests, paid writing submissions, advertising, affiliate marketing, strategy, organization, design, and the list goes on.

What Does This Remind You Of_2


Ahoy! The following post is a new project I’m starting called What Does This Remind You Of, in hopes of connecting with other creative bloggers! Every Thursday, I’ll post a picture of something, and write a short post about what it reminds me of. If you’re a blogger, write a post about what this reminds you of too, and link to it at the bottom of this post. :) (Be sure to include photo credits.) This is especially helpful for writers/bloggers to get their idea juices flowin! If you’re not a blogger/writer, feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts too! Let’s discover new blogs and create stories together :)


I’m thinking glitz. Glamour. Big hair, fish net stockings, and whiskey breath. I’m thinking this night started out with good intentions. Her stocking feet were never supposed to touch the floor. The shoes were a gamble, she’d never worn anything like them before, but her friends talked her into buying them. And she was on the prowl tonight.