July 21, 2015


I’m doing something crazy, and I have zero time for it. But I’m doing it anyway.

I’m turning 30 on August 26th. That’s right, the road to thirty is finally upon me. I may be the most excited person on the planet about it, because my 20s were the most colorful mess ever. For awhile I considered doing a long post about all of the things I’ve learned over the past decade. Battles. Losses. Stupid ideas. That sort of thing.

But then I thought, fuck that, there’s too much to say.  

So I decided to spread it out over 30 blog posts, and I’m going to publish one blog post each day in the final 30 days before I turn 30.

I know, it sounds like an incredible amount of words. But I have this incredible urge to get everything from my 20s out of me. Like WAY out of me. And not in an ‘omg check out my life’ kind of way. This won’t be thirty diary entries to clog up your inbox.

Hell no.

This will be nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned along the way. People who’ve shaped me. People who’ve scared me. Lessons learned. Fears conquered. Battles won. This will be a lot of brain power, when my wattage is already kind of at an all-time low, after trying to soak up every bit of math and science in this new book I’m reading called The Martian(EXCELLENT, BTW).

This will be stuff that you can remember on your journey if you’re in your twenties. In fact, this will be stuff you’ll probably highly resonate with if you’re in your twenties. And more importantly, I hope this will be stuff you’ll fondly remember if you aren’t in your twenties. (If you aren’t in your twenties, I’ll bet you’re glad that’s over. I sure am!).

All this will start 30 days before I turn 30, which by my calculations, is July 28th. And you’ll need to be a subscriber to read the posts as they get published (see subscriber form in sidebar!)

I have 7 posts written so far, so I’ll need 23 more posts by July 28th, which gives me 6 days to get it all done. But I guess they don’t all need to be done before I send the first few out. But they should for the most part be set up and ready to go.

I’m excited. Having just knocked out 3 posts before working on this one, I’m feeling at my utmost productive. And I’m excited to share with you some of the things I’m super glad to put behind me.

So if you’re interested in reading all of these as they get published, be sure to subscribe in the upper right hand corner of this site so you can be notified for each new post on this 30-day journey. I feel raw and cut open just thinking about all of the stuff I’m going to spill.

I can’t wait. I feel like 30 is a big, blue, suede hat you finally get to wear to the race track. Your shiny, crowning adulthood comes to a blazing start. At least that’s what it feels like. And while I’ve enjoyed this past decade, I feel like it was merely child’s play, and this next decade is going to offer far more lessons than I ever dreamed possible. And I’m so happy and ready to be on my way!

If you’ve already blazed this thirty-year-old trail, what was the best or worst thing for you about being in your thirties? I’d love to hear from you!

Monique Muro

Monique is an exceedingly happy human from LA. She runs the blog A Novel Quest, and writes. A lot.

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  • http://melissa-field.com/ Melissa Field

    This sounds awesome! You’re back in your groove and you’re on fire. I can’t wait to read your reflections and wisdom gained.

    • http://anovelquest.com Monique Muro

      Thanks so much Melissa! Yes, I am fully in it now. It’s so crazy what comes out of you when you’re forced to write a post every day. I think I’m really enjoying it :) I also caught up on a couple of your videos, I’m going to take some massive deep breaths today! :)

      • http://melissa-field.com/ Melissa Field

        Yes, I totally agree! I simultaneously became more productive and focused. It was a beautiful though challenging, very challenging, experience. I don’t know how far you got in my emails, but I stopped them at 50. I felt like it was more than enough, and I’d grown so much from it, and I was ready to shake things up again. I’m so looking forward to this :)

        • http://anovelquest.com Monique Muro

          Wait no way! I’ve seen some videos you’ve posted on FB where it says day 68, and so on. Did you continue with the videos but stop the emails? I was actually catching up with some last night, and wondered why mine stopped coming in after day 35!

          • http://melissa-field.com/ Melissa Field

            I kept going with the videos, which was kind of cool because after I stopped the emails I got way more relaxed and they went in a different direction. I have no idea why the emails stopped at 35! It had to do with the change i made in delivery time, but I’ve never figured out what I did that deleted the queue.

  • Katisha

    Excited to read! I recently turned 29 & looking forward to 30 next year!

    • http://anovelquest.com Monique Muro

      I’m so glad, Katisha! Hopefully I’ll be able to share something that will benefit you in your final year of your twenties, and that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! :)

  • http://www.whyimcray.com/ Awesomely Over-Zealous

    That’s truly exciting! I’m 28 – so two more years to go! My early 20’s were a hot mess indeed but now I finally feel stable. Takes a hot second – kudos to you for already having more than 6 posts ready! I can’t do that on a great week LOL Have a great weekend Monique! -Iva

    • http://anovelquest.com Monique Muro

      Thanks so much Iva! And thanks for stopping by, I’m at about 11 posts now, and it’s so crazy what comes out of you when you’re forced to write, haha. Thanks again for stopping by, see ya on Twitter! :)