June 2, 2011


You’ve met me before.

I’m the laugher. The ever-positive, ever-loving, always smiley one you often want to punch when you’re feeling particularly vengeful about something. Or someone. I admit this with a smile.

Aside from Adam Bailey, this blog is the love of my life. It gives me a place to brain dump everything I have to say about anxiety, God, love, life, writing, and blogging. It never talks back, knocks stuff over, or tells me I’m wrong. And best of all, it’s comfortable. Like warm blankets out of a dryer, or a big bear hug from the person you love most.

I’m an LA native who is obsessed (to put it lightly) with the LA Kings. Sunshine, a tangy margarita, and the smell of sunscreen is probably my favorite combination in the world, aside from wine and Game of Thrones. Or sushi and Soju. And maybe cheez-its and diet coke.

Love is everything. It’s you, it’s me. Its the grass, it’s the trees. And I still love you if you believe otherwise.

Meditation, yoga, and vegetables are the perfect recipe for a broken heart, or a broken anything.

Writing gets me through everything. I’m currently working towards writing full time, whether that be writing fiction/poetry, or writing freelance. I’m still trying to get my loving act together, cause God loves a good act, and I think that’s my cue.

I love that you’re here, I love that you’re alive, and I love that you’re free. I love that we’re in this together. I love that anyone has the ability to create anything they want, think anything they want, and be whomever they want. I love that we have the ability every single second to start over, to choose to be happy, and to stretch our way to inner peace.

God bless audiobooks and Florence and the Machine. And God bless you for stumbling in here, this was no accident.

So I guess this is the end of the ‘About’ page, but do me a favor before you go.

For just one hour today, pretend you’re high on the best pain meds of your life–feel the awesome feels, see the awesome sees, let the bad shit go and feel the good flow in. For one bloody hour, just pretend everything’s alright. Your parents are awesome. Your girlfriend is awesome. Your friends are awesome. Your job is awesome. Your life is awesome. Let’s just see what happens.