April 24, 2014

What Does This Remind You Of 6 New

[Photo credit: A Gentle Woman]


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There’s something about love and coffee.


Before you even start reading this post, I think you should play the song at the bottom of this post, and stare at the picture. For at least a minute.


I’ll just trust that you did.


I started crying when I saw this picture. Just because it’s so sweet. (The song may have had something to do with it. It came on as soon as I saw it).


But when I see this picture, it reminds me of the downtown LA weekend mornings that Adam and I walk down the street for coffee. He usually gets the $1.50 coffee from Famima, and I usually get the $4.15 coffee from the Starbucks next door. But there’s something sweet about it. It’s the one thing in the morning that there’s no questioning. It’s the first thing on our agenda, and we don’t even have to ask one another if we want it. We always want it.


He’ll typically grab his coffee before I’m done paying for mine, because the line at Starbucks is so long. I’ll wait for my coffee, in the middle of a thick throng of people, and like clockwork, he’ll always stand right outside the glass doors with his coffee, waiting for me to get my overpriced and overdressed cup of Joe, every so often peering inside at me.


Sometimes I get him a bagel. Sometimes he gets me a water. Sometimes after we get our coffee we walk the streets of the city, me taking pictures like a tourist, him shaking his head, but patiently waiting for me anyway. Sometimes love is so easy.


This picture, even though it has a rustic, rural feel, gives me a feeling of warmth and love. The couple in the picture….even though I will honestly say I have never sat at a bench and taken a picture like that…I can just feel the love between them. And perhaps the coffee placement struck a chord. A shared love of coffee to me is so special. A shared love of anything would be, really.


But coffee is my thing. It’s my morning thing. It’s my afternoon thing. It’s my happy thing. And when your boyfriend or girlfriend can happily indulge in your happy thing with you, it’s all the more reason to be happy. It’s like a morning bond. A friendship bond. A ‘let’s get coffee and talk about stuff’ bond. My step dad always used to make my mom coffee in the mornings and bring it to her in bed. It was like their special morning time. Even though I used to work at Starbucks, I’d still love going out for coffee. It was hard to get sick of. It was what you did as a 20 year old on a Friday night when you couldn’t go to a bar. (Or at least it’s what I did).


This picture reminds me also of friendship, the friendship that is a part of love. I can only imagine the view the two people in this picture have, as they sit together on that peeling bench, drinking in the warmth, talking about whatever, taking in the moment. It makes me want to go on a hike, or just go camping or just take a walk somewhere. Nature, love, and coffee. Mmmm.


Okay if you haven’t yet, here’s your chance to listen to the song. It really goes great with the picture. (If you don’t have Spotify, you can listen to the song here).



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  • Deanna

    Sweet, sweet, sweet! Thank you for sharing! It brought tears to my eyes as well! :)

  • http://www.takecomfortproject.wordpress.com/ Erin O’Brien

    I’ll be linking up soon! I love this idea. I noticed, however, that the photo license is All Rights Reserved on Flickr. It’s a beautiful photo, but even with credit it might not be okay to share.

    • http://anovelquest.com Monique Muro

      Woah cool thanks for the heads up! Totally did not realize, I’m going to replace it with another picture of mine. Next time I’ll be sure to have all of this stuff in order so that other people can share it. Thanks again for letting me know! :)

  • http://www.theonlyonelonely.com/ Joe

    I’ll be joining this prompt on my own blog soon. You picked the right topic to evoke discussion from me. I could write a novel about the love of coffee!

    • http://anovelquest.com Monique Muro

      Awesome, thanks so much Joe! It’s been great reading other people’s submissions for these :)

  • http://thegoodluckknot.weebly.com Melissa Field

    Love this!!! All of it is so true. Coffee is happiness, and love, and bonding (and socializing in your 20’s, haha). Great post! I hope to be able to write something on it today.