December 3, 2012

Feathers, fishnet stockings, bourbon dripping out of our eyelids, and a big band ballroom after three awesome days in Oregon visiting familia. It took an In’n’Out burger, Elf, and a ten minute power nap to pull me out of my whiskey-induced haze today, and even then I could only muster up SOME strength to work on my admissions essays.

On the upside, it’s raining in Los Angeles, and the buildings look lovely.

Our flight was almost delayed coming home from Portland, and we almost missed the Great Gatsby shindig near downtown LA, an event that was already bought and paid for. My sister Julia spoke a bit about buying the ticket and her overall excitement for the event in a vlog a few weeks back that you can watch here, if you are interested in that and/or Mexican candy.

The night started out well.

We got all dolled up and took a taxi there, Julia and her boyfriend Tom enjoyed the luxuries of the VIP section with an open bar, while Bailey and I  went back and forth between the big band ballroom and the outside smoking area with a coworker of mine that was also there.

Here is a short clip of me dancing at said event. Bailey used an app to make it look aged.

As the night wore on however, the bourbon and many other liver-mutilating substances flowed, especially in the open bar area where my sister was. As great as the whole VIP section sounded, it may or may not have been a good idea, given my sister’s sincere inability to walk later in the evening.

And her mad sprint down a hallway for absolutely no reason at all.

I am happy to report however, that she is doing fine. And aside from everything tasting like whiskey today, I’m doing great.

So what’s the status apparatus with everything else? Well, the trip was great, and I’m slowly coming out of my fog to get some work done. No matter that it’s nearing 11pm. It’s raining and I’m happy and finally awake. OH! I forgot to tell you I went and visited Powell’s Bookstore in Portland as well. You know, the biggest bookstore in the United States (NBD).

I bought a book of poetry by Mary Oliver and this.

“Frame soon.” That’s what it looks like on my mental to do list. Being in that bookstore made me remember the smell of books, just as I was starting to warm up to odorless digital versions. Being in that bookstore made me feel warm and comfortable, lazy, made me want to pick up a book and roll out a sleeping bag or patch of grass and chill on it till the book was read. Being in that bookstore reminded me that my reading list will never be finished.

In closing, my sister ended up getting sick on my boyfriend’s couch after the Gatsby event, and he snapped a picture of me face-palming while it was happening. Then he turned it into a video. With music. It’s quite entertaining. See you tomorrow?

(FYI, he calls me Mursa).

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