July 12, 2015


I think the best thing about Sundays is when the biggest item on your to-do list is absolutely nothing. I think today has been the best Sunday I can remember in a long time.

Adam and I have a nice system for these kind of Sundays. We wake up late, we stroll over to Coffee Bean so he can get an iced coffee, and then to Starbucks so I can get an iced soy latte with a bacon breakfast sandwich, and he likes their plain bagels.

This morning we came back, ate, and watched a bit of Shark Week. I’m a bit hungover from the 90s prom I went to last night at the Fonda, (such a blast), so today is a little on the slow side.

I then finally decided it was time to unpack from Mexico. I was a bit mum on the subject of Mexico here on the blog, but we went to Mexico over the fourth of July weekend for a wedding, and my suitcase has been sitting open next to our bed for the past week. I finally set about putting everything away, at which point Adam decided he was in the mood for biscuits. A Carl’s Jr. commercial must have aired or something.

So we headed to Ralphs to get him some biscuits. I wasn’t planning on getting anything, since I usually eat Amy’s frozen meals, or lately, some Lean Cuisines, but we walked out of that Ralph’s with a huge batch of fried chicken, biscuits, and some mac n’ cheese. The stuff hangover dreams are made of.

The Dodger game was just starting when we got back, so we ate, watched that, and I went in and out of sleep on the couch until about the 6th inning. And then Gonzalez hit a homer in the 8th inning and we won.

Around this time I decided I needed a full on nap. My hangover was dragging me down. I went to bed and fell in and out of sleep for about an hour, dreamed of having hair like Marie Forleo, then perked up and felt ready to write. I got about a paragraph into this blog post before Adam decided he was in the mood for a milkshake. A Dairy Queen commercial must have aired or something.

And oddly, I was in the mood for something cold and creamy too. So after a fruitless web search for good milkshakes within walking distance of our place in Downtown, we walked over to the Rite Aid and picked up two 48oz tubs of ice cream for $5. A helluva deal. He got the chocolate malted crunch, and I got the chocolate peanut butter. Although we served a scoop of each kind for both of us, for taste.

It was around this time that we realized we also had a delivery. How exciting! We hadn’t ordered anything, so it was fun to get a surprise package. Turns out it was a birthday package for Adam, because his birthday is next week. I was like a kid on Christmas while he opened it, kneeling beside the package, peeking into it with each cardboard tab he opened. It was towels and sheets in one of his favorite colors–gray. So I did a little celebration dance. You could always use more towels and sheets.

So now, as I shovel a mix of chocolate malted crunch and chocolate peanut butter ice cream into my mouth, I have to say, it’s been a good Sunday. I think maybe ice cream on Sundays should be a requirement. Sundays get a bad rep because they’re so close to Monday, but when there’s ice cream involved, things start looking up real quick.

I think I’ll do a bit of prepping for the week, and then maybe settle in and finish the night with the Brink, on HBO. Have you guys watched that show? My sister said it was good and I’ve been meaning to take a peek. I hope your Sunday has been relaxing and wonderful, and that your forecast for the week is sunny and clear. I’ll leave you with this wonderful, laugh-out-loud meditation to take with you for the week. Believe me, it’ll brighten your mood.

Monique Muro

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