May 1, 2013

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“Unlike most of the patrons, we don’t care about jewelry or furniture or housewares. We’re there for action figures, comics and all other manner of geeky awesomeness. You know, because we’re adults damn it.”

The above quote comes from Wrong Button Blog co-founder Emily Kelley, in all of her geeky awesomeness. I fell in love with the geek/gamer blog run by her and her boyfriend, Peter Kunin, because it’s just so damn fun. Basically the couple decided that since they loved each other, and a lot of the same stuff, so they would throw it all together in one awesome blog–where they even feature weekly guest geeks!

Okay well that’s not exactly how it happened, but that’s the long of the short of it. They both started out really into filmmaking, and the blog sort of came about as a springboard for something bigger down the line. (I can relate).

On the blog you’ll find all geek-related things pertaining to geeks everywhere: comic book finds, video game talk, cosplay, and movie reviewing. Having been a journalist since she was 15, Emily also talks about how liberating it is to finally write about things she is passionate about, versus topics that don’t interest her. (I can relate).

And because I can relate so much, I decided to feature her. Naturally.

Has blogging helped you in any emotional or creative way? 

Since I was 15, I’ve been a journalist, and a part of being a journalist is having editors or advisors or employers tell you what to write about and how to write about it. Working for news sources and companies that covered things I didn’t care about was really starting to wear me down in a big way. After awhile, you forget why you loved writing in the first place, so blogging has been such an outlet for me. I get to write about the things that I’m passionate about, and I decide how and when to write about them. I can tell you it’s a much better feeling to write about something that actually interests you rather than something you find trivial. 

Has blogging daily/weekly helped you achieve any personal goals?

Definitely. I’ve always wanted to start my own business and launching a blog was the first step in doing that. My boyfriend Peter (who started the blog with me) and I have always dreamed of being filmmakers, and we’d love to start our own production company. We were actually really inspired by the work done by the Geek and Sundry crowd. The internet is such a glorious place for independent filmmakers to promote their work, and we wanted to use the blog as a jumping off point. It’s still in the beginning stages, but we’re hoping in 6 months to a year, we’ll be among the popular independent geek blogs. It’s also really helped to give me a lot of confidence in myself as a writer and a brand while promoting it. 

Does the ritual of daily/weekly blogging give you motivation to pursue things you are passionate about? 

Absolutely. Before the blog, I was really unmotivated to tackle projects I wanted to do. But now, I’m always motivated to do something. Whether it’s look for more content for the site, start a podcast, or even do little DIY projects around the house. Having something that inspires you is such a great feeling.  

I just had to bold a few lines in her response. I can totally relate. (Surprising!) And I love this picture of her and her boyfriend in all of their geeky ferocity.

Adorbs. At any rate, thanks for reading this week’s post, and if you’re tired of thinking about day-to-day adult stuff, be a geek adult today and head on over to their blog. It’s easy to get lost in the fun.


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