I once had a discussion with my friend Jesse about dating in LA. We were talking about how when you first start dating someone, you start playing a game called ‘who can go the longest without texting the other person’. Or in other words, who can show that they care the least?


I’m starting to learn something tricky about the word yes.

I say it a lot.

Sometimes, this a good thing. I say yes to the adventure that is my life. I say yes to a chili cheese dog with french fries. I say yes to giving my body the time and space it needs to meditate when there’s a lot going on.


I have a somewhat unhealthy addiction to fried food.

My heaven would literally consist of macaroni and cheese between two toasted pieces of buttery, sourdough toast, some corn dogs, chicken fingers heavily dunked in ranch, and double doubles galore from In’n’Out, along with a hefty side of french fries and mojos from Shakey’s pizza.


Right when you’re about to turn 30, you start realizing that a lot of ‘super important’ stuff in your life was really just ridiculous piles of bullshit.

And I think maybe we were meant to come to this conclusion.


This is my favorite time of life. 29, going on 30.

I feel immense gratitude for being 29. There is something beautiful about it. Something sweet. I can see myself crying at 26, smiling at 28, coming to a rest at 29.

A soft halt.


I’m doing something crazy, and I have zero time for it. But I’m doing it anyway.

I’m turning 30 on August 26th. That’s right, the road to thirty is finally upon me. I may be the most excited person on the planet about it, because my 20s were the most colorful mess ever. For awhile I considered doing a long post about all of the things I’ve learned over the past decade. Battles. Losses. Stupid ideas. That sort of thing.

Freelance Writing as a Positive Career Quest

Freelance writing, and freelancing in general, has a lot of negative connotations. In fact, Chuck Wendig once wrote an article called “Want to Be a Freelancer? Just Punch Yourself in the Face, Instead.” Yikes!


I think the best thing about Sundays is when the biggest item on your to-do list is absolutely nothing. I think today has been the best Sunday I can remember in a long time.