July 28, 2015


Right when you’re about to turn 30, you start realizing that a lot of ‘super important’ stuff in your life was really just ridiculous piles of bullshit.

And I think maybe we were meant to come to this conclusion.

When you try to convince yourself you’re doing the right thing, but your heart’s not truly in it, it all comes out as bullshit. The shit coming from your mouth is literally bull. (And that shit is not savory.)

When people tell you things with the intention of making you feel bad so THEY can feel better, remember: bullshit.

When people try to get you to stoop to their level of judging people, things, and places, remember that everything they say is the purest, rarest, most profound bullshit on this planet. Don’t eat it.

When your own mind turns against you, after all this time, it’s bullshit. Hear what it has to say, and work with it.

When people don’t remember your name, or your face, it doesn’t mean you’re not memorable or beautiful, it just means they forgot who you were and that’s all, so stop with that bullshit of not being remarkable. (The cells in your body literally care about nothing else but you. And not because you have great hair. Because you’re fucking remarkable).

When people say right to your face that they don’t like you, it’s bullshit and you know it, so just say well, that’s too bad, cause I like you. (Watch how quickly they realize their own bullshit.)

When people try to prove to you that God doesn’t exist, but then still say they believe in love, it’s all bullshit because God IS love (but it’s also not your job to teach them that.)

Everything you remember from the past is bullshit. You’ve made large parts of it up, because the past literally cannot survive in the present. It literally dies and becomes untrue when you think about it.

Fear is utter bullshit. It’s false evidence appearing real. Or it’s fuck everything and run. Whatever it is, it’s stupid. It’s also scary, damn it. So I’m classifying it as bullshit.

When people don’t make time for you, there’s a reason. And the reason is constructed out of the most proprietary bullshit on the planet, so drop them and move on.

When you see someone beautiful, your beauty doesn’t diminish because of it. (Grade A bullshit if you think it does.)

Whenever people tell you that you’re bad at something (navigating, driving, taking selfies, using chop sticks) it’s their bullshit opinion, don’t treat it as an affirmation. Don’t carry it around with you for the rest of your life. This place is a state of mind. Whatever you think about yourself, is. 

One last thought on fear.

Fear = Thinking + Time. So don’t sit with anything too long because you’ve guessed it — all bullshit.

Now here’s the switch–when you repay bullshit with kindness, that’s good shit. This is how you fight bullshit. With good shit. When someone says something nasty about you on Facebook, you forgive and delete that shit. And I don’t mean deleting it on Facebook. I mean once you’ve forgiven that shit, you’ve deleted that shit (from inside of you).

Because believe me, everything you put out comes back to you. If you fight bullshit with more bullshit, that shit comes back to you. Kindness is the only kind of shit you want in your face. (If there was ever a shit you’d want in your face). So be kind as shit in your responses.

Wriggling your toes into a warm comforter is also good shit.

Laughing out loud with another person because the joy simply cannot be contained, is the best shit. (You could OD on that shit.)

And just for the record, spending the entire night writing a blog post entirely about shit because let’s face it, you love that shit, means you go to bed with a huge smile on your face, and shit ton of anticipation to create more shit in the morning.

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The Road to 30

The Road to 30

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