May 7, 2013



I hope you won’t be mad at me if you don’t like my stories.


Just a quick note:


I finished two more short stories for my compilation tonight. They’re truly, truly horrible. But they make me feel so good.


I don’t have a publish date. I don’t know when they will be done. But I have a title, I have raw emotions, I have a book illustrator, and I have a keyboard–so I’m just like everyone else, basically.


But having just finished a couple, I did want to warn you– they’re horrible. Mostly in the sense that they’re coming from really dark places I didn’t know I had. If I don’t finish before I die, don’t publish them. Unless you really, really like them. Then fine.


Passion Series post tomorrow night at 7pm. Be square. Or be there. Here. Whatever. It’s a good one.

Monique Muro

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