November 2, 2013

Blog Post.Plans

You know how I feel about plans. I’m horrible with them. The moment I start talking about something I’m planning to do, it falls into the ether, and stretches out to the stars. But today I really feel like telling you about some cool things I’m working on, and my small plan for this blog in the next few weeks. I’m just too excited not to share it, and if you blog, you might find some good stuff here too.

Blog Design

First, the blog looks different! I changed the template this morning because I’m in the process of getting a complete redesign for DIRT cheap by a wonderful designer I found on Etsy. However, my rent is due this week, meaning I only have enough dough for absolute necessities, and as much as I can probably write a book explaining why this new design is an absolute necessity, I have a hard time justifying the need for it right now. So I have to wait a couple of weeks. And waiting is like madness when you know the awesome that’s coming, so the change you see on the blog today is a little something to tide me over until this awesome blog redesign can happen. I can’t wait for you to see it! It’s going to have my little logo and easier places for me to put sponsors and links to some of my favorite blogs. Let’s put a launch date on this so we know it’s happening and it’s not just talk. How about November 18th? (Hold me to that please.)


I have finally, FINALLY figured out what I want the first giveaway to be, and it’s going to be a book. Not just any book, but a damn good book, and it’s perfect for both readers AND non-readers alike. It’s short, with big, blunt letters, and it’s motivational as all hell.

Now, being that I want this giveaway to go as smoothly as possible, there are a few things I need to set up in order for it happen.

One: I need to get a promotional picture done, so I can share it on social networks. This is important because sharing it will allow more people to subscribe and participate. I’ll be employing someone through the awesomeness that is Fiverr (affiliate link) to get that done.

Two: There’s an AWESOME service out there for bloggers doing giveaways called Promo Simple. Promo Simple makes it SUPER easy for anyone to create a giveaway form, and even easier for participants to enter once or even multiple times to increase their chances of winning.

So clearly I have a little bit of work to do. But I’m estimating that the first giveaway will happen on November 11th. Woo hoo for establishing actual dates for these kinds of things.

Guest Posts

I’m just about finished with the third guest post I’ve written since September. This is kind of like when you approach different websites/blogs and see if they will let you publish a guest blog post or article to get some recognition for your writing or blog. I’ve been fortunate to have made a few connections these past couple months, so before this month is over, my guest posts should be published at the following websites:



Clearly I’ll let you know when each of these goes live. I get so excited about things.


In other news, I’m still working on that side website project, and if it didn’t look like an absolute mess I’d give you the link to it. There’s only 6 articles up for now, and I’m not ready to even let family see it until I have at least 10-15. I’m also already feeling like I want a different design for that too, so I’m aiming for the new year before that can be launched. But I DO want to tell you what this new website is going to be about.


This website is going to be entirely dedicated to helping people find direction. It’s going to be a hub of discovery where smart and creative people can go to find helpful tools to figure out what they want to do with their lives. I have so many tools in my arsenal that I would LOVE to share with you guys and the world, and I just can’t let them sit in a notebook on Evernote–so that’s why I am building this site. We need happiness in our lives, and we need love. The only way we’re going to have any of that is by continually doing things that we lovingly take interest in. And I know way too many smart people out there who would love to be doing something different with their lives, but are unsure of where to start.


So that’s what’s coming. Because living should feel good.

Monique Muro

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