April 24, 2013

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You know how I’m always talking about having a ton of projects, not being able to plan them all out, and overall just feeling a bit lost direction-wise because of it? Well, the Brummets have a LOT of projects– and they make time for every one of them.

Lillian and her husband Dave Brummet decided long ago that they had talent to share with the world, and decided to stick their fingers in all sorts of delicious pies. They are the owners of the Brummet Media Group, in which they offer book publishing and graphic design services, among other things; they have a talk radio show called the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio; they have authored five books; and lastly, they run an eco-focused blog called the Brummet’s Conscious Blog filled with all kinds of reviews, interviews, positive thoughts, and inspiration. I decided to feature them today because they spoke to me with their passion for networking, building relationships, and ultimately making a living doing projects they enjoy.

Here is an interview with Lillian Brummet, and how blogging has made it all possible.

Has blogging helped you in any emotional or creative way?

Definitely, I started blogging back in the hay-day of Myspace back in 2005. There, I basically placed announcements like when a book was coming out, or where a review was published, that kind of thing. I slowly realized I could use the blog to help make a difference in the world  and show support to people and organizations I cared about. It’s a great way to network, but it also keeps me writing content and thereby constantly working on my craft. The focus of the blog makes it act like another tool for helping to make the world a better place, and the blog readers encourage me to continue to pursue my passions.

Has blogging daily/weekly helped you achieve any personal goals?

Yes, I am constantly on the look out for sharing interesting, informative content and truly enjoy networking with others. Through our blog, my husband and I are able to help others live a more conscious, green and proactive, positive lifestyle. Currently, Brummet’s Conscious Blog has about 8,500 readers per month, and most of our posts have a fresh inspiring quote that coincides with the topic of the day. It also keeps me writing content and thereby constantly challenging me to expand and grow as a writer.

Does the ritual of daily/weekly blogging give you motivation to pursue things you are passionate about?

Absolutely, I love that I can create relationships with people I network with, and this often results in reciprocal and ongoing exposure to other blogs and sites. In fact, I am still networking with people I met early in 2004, so blogging can be very effective at keeping those relationships alive! 

Through the blog, my husband Dave and I are able to also feature submitted articles and poetry, Q&A interviews, and also interviews on our radio show, depending on the genre. We also have a section of the blog called the Green Tip of the Day as well.

I have been truly amazed at the attention the blog has gotten – it has been recognized over the years by the Brighter Planet Organization, Green Providers, and Versatile Bloggers associations. I love blogging! 

And clearly, I can relate. It’s awesome to see people pursuing projects they’re passionate about, not to mention saving the earth while they’re at it.


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  • http://www.brummet.ca Lillian Brummet

    Thank you so much for inviting me to play a part in your Passion for Blogging Series. I truly enjoyed the experience :)

  • Lillian Brummet

    Thank you so much for having me as a guest on your site – I appreciate this very much.

    • Monique Muro

      No problem Lillian! Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of my series! :) Hope you’re doing well!

  • Lillian Brummet

    I am just taking the time to enjoy this interview again! Did you know it is listed as one of our favourites on our blog? https://consciousdiscussions.blogspot.ca/p/brummets-in-media.html We have a new website now too: http://BrummetMedia.ca