December 1, 2013

Shavonne Pounders


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I’m so excited to feature Shavonne Pounders here on the blog today because she is a regular reader here, and the code she lives her life by is the same one I live by: love.


Her blog Exotic Roots, is about a journey of self-love. Like most of us, Shavonne struggled for years to be a certain person–the type of person she thought people wanted her to be. What she found was that it was too hard to look and be a certain way, and much easier to be herself. She started to love and accept herself not only for her own self fulfillment, but for her daughter, who started going through similar problems with self love and acceptance as she got older. If she was going to teach her daughter how to love herself, Shavonne had to make sure she loved every inch of herself as well.


Like most of us, blogging for Shavonne has been extremely cathartic. It’s allowed her to get back into writing, and explore new business opportunities. Since discovering blogging, she has  quit her corporate job, allowing her to focus on building her talents as a writer and blogger, something I absolutely commend her for! It takes a crazy amount of courage to pursue the things you love.


Here’s what she had to say.


Has blogging helped you in any emotional or creative way?    


I have been through quite a bit in my life which has led to me bottling up a lot of my feelings. I also have been mentally, physically, and emotionally abused most of my life making it hard to open up to others. I have written since I was a young child, but blogging has allowed me to do several self-journeys. Sometimes all at one time, other times slowly. I can go back and forth between my passions and update all my work with my creativeness. I also love how I am able to bring my thoughts to life through my blog.


Has blogging daily/weekly helped you achieve any personal goals?    


I am just now getting into the habit of blogging regularly, which is one of my huge goals. This also motivates me and challenges me to actually attempt to see if this passion I have for writing can be taken even further than I ever could imagine. I recently invested in my blog and plan to continue to do so with all my blogs. As I bring these goals to life, I know my other goals will just fall into place as the universe and God sees fit to let them, as long as I am putting in the work.


Does the ritual of daily/weekly blogging give you motivation to pursue things you are passionate about?   


Most definitely! I am currently exploring expanding my web-based business and my branching out to do more freelance writing. I recently “quit” a corporate job so that I could pursue my passion for blogging and writing more, but I do still maintain a part-time job. I have also enrolled in a couple of courses for blogging and personal growth. I am excited to see what is next for me and all thanks to my passion for blogging. Blogging has also given me my self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect. It has helped to heal my wounds and has allowed me to slow down and finally focus more on me and what I personally desire from life. Blogging has renewed hope in me and brought my dreams back to life.




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