October 23, 2013



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Kim Dalferes is one of my new favorite bloggers. Her blog posts are so full of perspective on life, wit, and humor that I literally just read through a metric ton of her blog posts because I couldn’t get enough. I especially enjoyed the post on turning 50, which I’m totally blogging about tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration!


So here’s the deal with Kim, or as they call her on her blog, “Kimba”. She hails from Florida and just published an awesomely titled book–I Was in Love With a Short Man Once. I think we can all relate a little bit to that one. Her blog is a creative outlet for her to express her “propensity to spout off”, which she admits, has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. Her topics vary from what it’s like to be 50, health, the joys of motherhood, and relationships with friends. As she says in her interview below, blogging has afforded her “a HUGE audience” that’s allowed her to speak her mind and build relationships with a great bundle of like minded women. That’s probably one of the things I love most about blogging–being able to form relationships with people from everywhere.


This interview doesn’t do her wonderful blog personality justice. Go visit her blog and make a new friend.


Here’s what she had to say.


Has blogging helped you in any emotional or creative way?    

“The Middle-Aged Cheap Seats” has provided perspective and an enhanced my sense of humor when it comes to life in the middle. I’ve bagged the idea of aging gracefully and have instead fully embraced the concept of using up everything I’ve got before I exit stage left!


Has blogging daily/weekly helped you achieve any personal goals?   

Blogging has helped me find this HUGE audience of successful, funny, middle-aged gal pals. Writing with this audience running around in my head has definitely helped me move forward toward the publication of my second book; titled “Magic Fishing Panties.”


Does the ritual of daily/weekly blogging give you motivation to pursue things you are passionate about?   

Hmmm… well I do tend to write/blog about ideas that I care about or have a high interest in: estate sales; children; women’s health for example. This week’s blog post discusses skin cancer and creating a back story for my new facial scar. My “passions” are fairly broad in scope.

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