December 5, 2013



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Ladies and gentle folk, may I introduce to you Kaitlin Marie, Doctor Who evangelist, beer lover, and blogger from Northwest Indiana. She blogs about all things geeky and zombie-related, among other awesomeness,  which means you need to check her out.


Her blog is called Zombies 4 Breakfast, a fitting title with a cute freakin’ blog header. Like yours truly, her blog is an outlet for discussing any and all things related to her goals in life, fitness, career, or otherwise. When I met Kaitlin via Linkedin about 6 months ago, she was writing about her struggle to find a job in her field (Marketing/PR). Awesomely enough, her current posts are about her having found a job in her field, and how at times, it’s a bit more than she bargained for.


I feel connected to her through the goals she’s set for herself, and through, I’m not ashamed to say, our shared love of beer (I’m pretty sure a large portion of the US population can relate to that one though). She also has this really cool list on her sidebar of all the things she wants to do at 25, and she links to the goals she’s actually accomplished. You’re giving me awesome ideas, Kaitlin…I think I want to do the very same thing! Maybe when I turn 30…


At any rate, here’s what Kaitlin had to say :)


Has blogging helped you in any emotional or creative way?    


Oh yes. Blogging is a wonderful creative outlet, in general. In addition to that, I’ve found that when I’m feeling really frustrated or bummed out, writing it out is a great way to work through whatever I’m feeling. One topic that makes recurrent appearances on my blog is the economic/job crisis. I write a lot about my frustrations in my on-going job hunt for a career in my field.


Has blogging daily/weekly helped you achieve any personal goals?    


I think my personal goal WAS to blog on a weekly basis, and I’ve definitely met that goal. I’ve also been writing quite a bit lately about my quest to get in shape and lose some weight, and the accountability that comes with posting those goals publicly has certainly been motivating.


Does the ritual of daily/weekly blogging give you motivation to pursue things you are passionate about?   


Since I’m passionate about writing in general, blogging itself is a joy. Having a blog has given me a (quirky, random) voice, and a place to shout about silly stuff like zombies.



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