December 4, 2012

I woke up so lazy this morning, I didn’t even bother putting the toothbrush away. The art of whiskey is a slow, drippy one, that sometimes blends in with the colors of the day after you’ve already had a whole day to recover. The beauty of coffee, however, reverses this. It makes you sharper, more alert, smiling even at the people you do not wish to see.


On my lunch break I felt alive again. I went to Trader Joes and spent nearly $100 on food (and a bottle of Pinot) that I am hoping will last me 2+ weeks. After work I even got a frame for my Jack London quote, nails to hang it up, and a full tank of gasoline. When I got home I polished up my admissions essays. And I mean really buffed those fuckers. I did a little research to find a good admissions consultant to edit them, and it’s going to cost me close to $300 an hour for them to make them really shine.


Where do people get money.


As far as I’m concerned, the essays for my top school are done. Even though I’m still waiting on last minute critiques, I’m crossing them off my list, and moving on to getting my transcripts sent, polishing my resume, and requesting my letters of recommendation. Wednesday I start in on the next school I’m applying to, but now that I’ve gotten these first essays out of the way, my goals for business school are a little more fine tuned, and it shouldn’t take me too long to churn those out.


For the last hour I edited and polished a landing page one of my teammates started, that had to be submitted for the online Stanford class I’m taking on Technology Entrepreneurship. I wish I had more time to be creative with it, but it’s due tonight at midnight, and currently, we’re 1 minute away from that deadline.


Every time I wanted to quit tonight, I looked up at my little London quote. I love it so much. Apparently it is from a poem called Credo. When I see it, I’m reminded of what little space I occupy in this world, and that my time here is finite. Whatever number of days I have left, I’m going to use them.


Ask me if I’ve unpacked yet.



Monique Muro

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  • Debbie

    I love this post and your enthusiasm for what lies ahead. Your optimism is both contagious and inspiring. I am so proud of your passion and commitment towards a promising future that will be filled with many hurdles but you will get through them because you are my daughter and you are strong and willful. Keep looking up at your London quote because it will keep that fire that’s inside you burning and will remind you of the woman I know you were created to be.