January 28, 2014

Final Cover_4

It feels awesome to finish something. January has been amazing so far in terms of productivity, and I can’t think of a better way to finish the first month of the year than with the accomplishment of having finished my very first ebook!

Okay so here’s the part where I get all modest and talk about how it’s not all that great. I mean it is, but really, it not a big deal, haha. I really just wanted to reward my subscribers with an ebook. After hours, days, (weeks?) of pondering what I could possibly write an ebook about, my sister finally said (as you may remember from the bottom of  this post) that it would be great if I compiled an ebook filled with my favorite resources. Because apparently I’m “always talking about some new cool thing.”

And fuck I use a lot of cool new things. Mostly free, and mostly applicable to everyone.

So compiled in that cutesy little 23-page ebook over to the left is 25 resources on the web for bloggers, writers, and wanna-be entrepreneurs. I called it “Adult Toys”, even though I know that name has a bad connotation (or maybe it’s a good one). But I ‘play’ with a lot of things on the internet. There are websites and services that make my life fun, and if those aren’t adult toys then goddamn it I don’t know what is. And it got your attention didn’t it?

So here’s the deal: if you’re currently a subscriber (you’re the best!), then you’re probably reading this blog post in your email, and the ebook is yours in link form at the bottom of this post–yay!

If you’re not currently a subscriber, feel free to put your email address in that little box over to the left, subscribe, and the ebook link will be in your subscription confirmation email.

And if you really don’t want to subscribe because you’re like, damn, I don’t really give a crap with this chick has to say, I kind of just want access to these strange-sounding toys/resources…then you can always subscribe, get the ebook, and unsubscribe.

But just know that I will see your unsubscribe and it will make me sad.

Here’s to ending January with a FAT ass bang!


Monique Muro

Monique is an exceedingly happy human from LA. She runs the blog A Novel Quest, and writes. A lot.

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  • Lauren R. Tharp

    Woo! I thought I was already subscribed (and that you just never sent out any e-mails lol), but I guess I wasn’t. I definitely am now! And I can’t wait to read your e-book. 😀

    • Monique Muro

      Thanks so much Lauren! So happy that we have connected on our writing/blogging journeys :)

  • Kait Marie

    CONGRATS, lady!!!!!!! I had my wallet out and was ready to pay for it, but you’re giving it away FO FREE! Too awesome!!!

    • Monique Muro

      Aw you are too sweet Kait! Thank you so much for your support, it means so much!

  • Deanna

    Awesomeness! You DID it! yay! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! :)

    • Monique Muro

      Thank YOU for giving me the idea!! 😀

      • Deanna

        :) You are welcome.

  • http://www.theonlyonelonely.com/ Joe

    I just subscribed specifically so I could check out your ebook and let me just say THANK YOU. I’ve actually been on the casual lookout for ways to improve my productivity as both a writer and a blogger and I think your tips and tricks here might just help me out in that department pretty significantly. So…mission accomplished, Monique!

    • Monique Muro

      Yay I’m so glad! Thanks so much Joe! :)

  • http://www.krystalskitsch.com/ Krystal

    Thanks for sharing this! I am so excited to see this book. Downloading! <3

    • Monique Muro

      Sure thing, Krystal! I’m excited too! :) Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it! :)