November 10, 2013



Well howdy! This is my very first giveaway on the blog and I’m so excited to see you! I’m also excited to see who enters to win. The life of a blogger is similar to the life of a writer in that it’s pretty solitary for the most part, and you never know who’s reading, who’s reacting, and who cares, so I’m excited to see how many entries we get!


Here are the deetz. I’m giving away a book called ‘Damn Good Advice’ by George Lois. I actually stumbled upon this book at my mom’s house, and skimming through it got a real kick out of it. It gives wonderfully blunt advice on how to come up with great ideas in any industry: advertising, entrepreneurship, and/or the creative arts.


So I got a copy just for you.


The author, George Lois, was a real big shot in the advertising industry back in the 60’s, and his experience coming up with slogans and ideas for commercials has gotten him widespread notoriety and recognition. Some of my favorite advice from him is that ideas are not invented but discovered, meaning they already exist, they’re just waiting for you to find them. I love that advice because as a writer, it’s always more comforting to know that your next big plot twist is just sort of hovering in the air around you, rather than not existing at all. I also love his idea that work is worship, and that he loves being burnt out at the end of a fulfilling day. He said:


If you don’t burn out at the end of the day, you’re a bum.


He’s pretty intense, but I love it. I feel the same way after a night slaving away on this blog, and all of the other projects I have going on. I’m tired, but it’s good tired. It’s “I’m trying” tired. His advice smacks you in the face, and it’s like a terrific wake up call. In fact, he’s the one silently telling me right now that I need to keep going, even though it’s nearing 11pm on a Sunday night and I am stupid tired, because I made a commitment damn it! I said my giveaway would happen on November 11th and it’s happening on November 11th! I got the damn contest entry form ready and everything!


If you want to read some more blunt, yet terrifically inspiring quotes from his book, click here. To see what this book looks like on the inside (it’s really quite nice for people with short attention spans), click here. And if you’re a non-reader who is terrifically self-motivated with no need for this book–enter anyway. You could give it to that certain someone who could use a bit of hardcore blunt advice. You could even use it as a free Christmas present to give someone. Also if you win, how cool! You won something!


So here’s how it works: all that is required to enter the giveaway is your full name and email address. If you want bonus entries, the form gives you the option to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or subscribe to the blog in general (if you’re not already). If you’re already doing all of that, I apologize. But even one entry is awesome because you are awesome for participating!


Another thing: the deadline to enter is this Friday, November 15th, 7pm PST. The official rules I think say November 16th but I think because there is a time difference issue that I am not sure how to fix. But for sure, the deadline is November 15th, 7pm PST. That is when the winner will be selected, notified, and shipped this short, sweet, and motivational book for every kind of passionate person out there.


So with that, I say, good luck! Enter away, and if you have any questions at all about anything, feel free to email me or comment below. I hope you win!


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