July 30, 2014


First of all, hi.

Second of all, I love Instagram. Are we following each other yet?

Recently I’ve discovered a ton of new people who post the most inspiring stuff. I ventured out and started following people I don’t know, who take the most beautiful pictures. Most are about love, some are about peace and living in LA, (even though those two things don’t quite go together), and some are just wacky and unique. I know you’re probably on Instagram too, so I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites, in case you were interested in seeing some new pictures in your feed

I’m also gearing up for an AWESOME giveaway tomorrow! It has to do with liquor. And books. My two favorite things. Except I never do books in moderation.

1. Insta_LosAngeles


2. SpiritXOSarah


3. GenTwenty


4. InItForTheLove


5. SeeKaylaLove (This image via  Vivienne McMaster)


6. InTheHeartOfTheCity


7. InfiniteSmileProject


8. SuperLoveTees


9. SitaraBird (**TOP FAV**)


10. Starbucks


11. MDBK77 (Mike Dooley)


12. AmandaCatherineDesigns


13. TheEveryGirl_


14. JennieFredrich


15. KendiEveryDay


16. NASA


17. JasonLoper




Hopefully you’ll follow a few of these peeps, they make my every day so much brighter. And so do you. :) Which ones are your favorites?


See you tomorrow for the giveaway! xo

Monique Muro

Monique is an exceedingly happy human from LA. She runs the blog A Novel Quest, and writes. A lot.

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  • http://www.captaindapper.com/ Jason Loper

    Thanks for the feature, Monica!

    • http://anovelquest.com Monique Muro

      Of course! Keep up the wonderful pictures! :)

  • http://gentwenty.com Nicole Booz

    Thank you for including GenTwenty!

  • Vivienne

    Hi There! The image you have posted for SeeKaylaLove is actually my image and was used on her instagram without my permission. Could you please remove it, or properly give credit to me, Vivienne McMaster and link to the website http://www.beyourownbeloved.com

    • http://anovelquest.com Monique Muro

      Hi there Vivienne, it’s so wonderful to meet you via Disqus! :) And thank you so much for letting me know about this. I have attributed the image to you, and linked both the text link of your name and the image to your website, which I absolutely love by the way! I’ve been reading all about you and I love the idea of taking selfies to reflect the beauty of one’s self. I wrote a blog post about this exact thing once, because I was taking selfies of myself every day to remember to love myself, and the way I looked in that very moment. I’m so glad to have discovered you!